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The OMJ 100 Club is a collection of Recruitment Consultancies for whom outstanding service delivery is a flagbearer for a range of core recruitment values. There will never be more than 100 members of the 100 Club, ensuring continued authenticity and performance levels, and in an industry of 1,000's, this affords genuine recruitment integrity. The 100 Club is most suitable for recruitment agencies who are looking to list average approx. 10 jobs per month, over the space of a year.

Job advertising forms an essential component within the Recruitment Consultancy’s (Company) talent-attraction strategy.  Foremost, great care must be taken to ensure the job advertisement is a true and honest reflection of the role and of the Hiring Organisation (Employer), protecting at all times the Company’s brand reputation and integrity.

Members of the 100 Club are selected for their reputation, relevance and integrity to and within the industry and members resolve to adhere to the following Job Advertising Practice Code:

  • All jobs advertised by the Company are real, live and genuine
  • A consultative approach ensures the advertised role is as closely aligned to the Employer’s expectations as possible
  • Job copy must be clear and concise and devoid of any jargon and were possible remuneration details will be evident
  • The ‘Apply for’ process must be obvious and identifiable and in line with the recognised Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • The Company will advertise roles that comply with industry standard Equal Opportunities Policies
  • As far as possible and within the confines of daily activities, the Company will respond appropriately to all relevant applicants
  • Marketing communications must be obviously identifiable as such

Working with an OMJ 100 Club member guarantees empathy, quality and outstanding service delivery.


For further info regarding the details of the 100 Club, contact Craig at or on 0203 206 7574.​


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