5 Ways To Cope With Seeing Red In The Office


It’s not all rainbows and fairies this working malarkey, and sometimes we don’t always show the very best sides of ourselves. It’s easy to get angry about things at work, particularly when you don’t feel as though you’ve got any control over them. The business world is a tough place to navigate, especially in a marketing job which often requires you to be pulled from pillar to post in many instances. We’ve come up with our top 5 coping mechanisms for those days when you're feeling completely pissed off at work, and we’ve illustrated them on a strawberry ice cream because it's red, it’s pretty and maybe the thought of the ice cream will help you feel less angry and replace the negative thoughts with thoughts of eating ice creams…in the sun...in Ravello. 


Give it an hour

It’s very easy to retaliate quickly and say things you don’t mean, especially over email where things can become misconstrued. Give yourself a cooling off period. In this time, you’ll calm down and gain some much-needed perspective. Test yourself. Write your immediate retaliation out but don’t send it. Go back an hour later and just observe how much more measured you are after you’ve let your anger subside. The response you give will be a lot less vicious! 


Go to the gym

Exercise generally makes us more serene, balanced versions of ourselves. It’s scientifically proven to release endorphins into our system which make us feel happier and keep the demons at bay. If you’re finding yourself getting angry at the smallest of things during the working day, up your exercise routine. You are guaranteed to feel better with a bit of release.


Ignore it and get on with your JOB

Just forget about it. It’s only work, who cares if someone said something you didn’t like. Why waste your energy on it? You’re there to do a job and you’d do well to remember that occasionally. For most people, work is not their whole lives. They tend to have other things going on like a family and friends. Focus on the positives and work at building some immunity to the bad.


Have a scream

If you’re an insanely angry person and none of these points will cut it, go and find yourself a large outdoor space and have a good old scream. Speaking in the first-person now, my friends and I used to do this during our exams down the streets by our school. Granted, we probably didn’t choose our location wisely, but it felt damn good!


Tell someone

Simply confiding in someone else about something that’s made you angry can make all the difference. They say that a problem shared is a problem halved. You should try it. You might find that your colleagues have similar frustrations and that you’re not alone. Don’t live your life through red-coloured spectacles. It takes up so much more energy to be miserable than it does to just be happy, so cheer the f*ck up.



If you're suffering at work and it's causing you distress, we've got a guide on toxic workplace situations and whether you should stick or split. It's like it was made for you! 

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