5 Ways To Attract Talent With Limited Salary Budget

top talent on a budget

A whole host of businesses are affected by salary-related obstacles, whether they’re start-ups with limited budgets or whether they’re public sector organisations who are restricted by inflexible pay-bands, salary budget is a challenge for more in-house recruiters than you might think. Money isn't everything to every candidate, because there truly is more to life and being happy in a career than inflated finances. Check out our top five tips to help you attract top talent on a budget:


Sell your quirks and perks!

You need to make your quirkiest perks loud and clear, whether it’s a dedicated section on your careers website or on your job adverts themselves, you need to make these known. Your company perks are the key to attracting talent and most importantly, the RIGHT talent. Don’t have any perks to speak of? It’s time you put some in place!When businesses hear perks, it often flags up feelings of dread and expense; company holidays, gym memberships, cars, computers, we get it. But some of the best perks are completely free and can actually help increase staff productivity. Flexible working is a great example. Offer your employees a working solutions that fits around their personal commitments and that can be worth more than the extra £5000 you can’t compensate them in salary.


Create a flexible work environment

Following on from the perks above, creating a flexible work environment and screaming about it on social media is definitely going to aid your cause in the WAR FOR TALENT, (as they so eloquently put it). Flexibility around personal commitments can be more beneficial to a candidate than a chunky bank transfer at the end of the month, so don’t belittle this inexpensive perk. Give employees the opportunity to work remotely and create a culture where working from home is accustomed and not taboo like it often finds itself in many organisations. Alternatively, offer flexible start and finish times! Whatever you can do to make an employees life easier, do it. If enough people hear about it and if your candidates are aware of this, you’ll find the financial gap of expectation begin to close.


Push the purpose

One of the most satisfying things about a job is an overwhelming sense of purpose and impact. A great advantage you have, especially if you’re a small company, is the ability to give employees a wide range of responsibility and the opportunity to be a really pivotal member of the team. The power of autonomy, mastery and purpose is not to be underestimated.


Streamline your hiring process

A long and arduous hiring process can be a real deal-breaker for a candidate, no matter how great your offering may be. Stage after stage of interviews is hardly the biggest pull factor for candidates, especially if you’re involving more daunting tasks such as presentations and assessment days (THE HORROR). It’s going to be a million times easier to convert top talent into fully fledged employees if you’ve got speed on your side. We know that for some businesses this is next to impossible, especially if you’re working in an organisation that requires a more formal process but this will make a difference if you have the power to change it.


Create an enviable culture

It’s hard enough to get up on a Monday as it is, but even harder if you’re getting up to go somewhere you absolutely HATE. Create the kind of environment for your co-workers that you’re not ashamed to scream about and recruit your employees to help spread the word. They are your biggest advocates. Once you’ve got your employees loving their jobs and enjoying the work environment, it won’t take long for other people to catch on.


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