5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

5 signs it's time to leave your job

This is the very start of the jobseeker food chain. A lot of people remain unhappy in jobs  because they simply don’t recognise the first critical signs that their time is up. That realisation, the epiphany that it’s time to move on can be a light bulb moment for some but a slow burner for others, and we’re here to enlighten you on what some of these signs might look like. We also wanted to give you a heads up as to what you should be looking out for as positive signs in either your current job or a new marketing job:


You dread going to work everyday and you suffer the fear

If you find yourself in bed every night, tossing and turning with the thought of work the next day sending shivers down your spine, it’s obvious that a change needs to be made. If you have more bad days than good, it’s time to move on. No job is worth this level of emotional distress. Unhappiness isn’t the main emotional indicator here either. You might dread going to work for fear of the boredom, mistreatment or underappreciation that you may be subject to. These are all perfectly valid reasons to jump ship.


You don’t feel as though you’re developing your skills

This is a proven recipe for low self-worth. It’s so important, particularly in our highly advanced technological landscape, that you’re always developing your skills, no matter what profession you’re in. Doing the same role with no development for a significant length of time can leave you feeling pretty crap about yourself. It’s damaging for your confidence and you’ll find it extremely difficult to move on to something new with this mindset.


You work in a toxic environment

You wouldn’t think that a toxic workplace could exist today, but they do and they’re not always visible to the naked eye. A toxic workplace includes toxic people. You might have a boss that makes your life a misery, or you may feel or actually get bullied in some way by your co-workers. It could be that you work in an inconsistent, unpredictable and negative environment. Whatever it is, you’ll know, and this is most definitely a good reason to think about leaving. Not all workplaces are the same and, ultimately, it’s about finding the right one for you. Toxic people and places do nothing for your quality of life and even worse things for your mental wellbeing so bear this in mind.


You’re not fulfilling your potential

You might be doing lots of great things in your current job, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing anything positive for your career. Examples of this may be that you’re very thinly spread in your organisation or that your role has developed in a direction that you hadn’t necessarily planned. It’s so important that you’re doing what you want to be doing and that this is something which will benefit your career as a whole. It’s not a crime to feel as though your full potential isn’t being reached, and looking for a new marketing job might be just the solution you need.


You’re grossly underpaid and you’re unhappy about this

It’s fairly well-known that in order to move up the money tree, one must find a new job. It’s not all about money, it really isn’t, but you deserve to be paid justly, especially if you’re working hard and performing well. If you’ve been in the same role for 5 years and you’re still not making enough to save anything substantial, you need to take control. Think about your future. Do you want to get on the housing ladder? Well you’re not going to with a sub-standard salary and a minimal increase year-on-year. 


To help you understand what a satisfying job might look like check out our 5 key ingredients to job satisfaction:


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So there we go. Another sweet ending for you. If you're unhappy with too many elements of your current role, now is the opportunity to make a move. Change can be daunting but it's also exciting. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; that saying could not be more pertinent for this topic. You may feel you've been dealt a duff hand at the moment, but turn it into something positive and you will reap the benefits. Looking for a new marketing job right now? You're in the right place! If you need some advice on what to do next, check out How To Find The Right Marketing Job

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