5 Fab Marketing Disciplines Explained

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Have you reached a crossroads in your career and feeling unsure of your next move? Are you working your way up a career path, but you'd like to know what else is out there? The variety of marketing jobs available can be confusing and there's so much choice. We bring you a modest rundown on 5 marketing jobs and what a role in that discipline might look like:


What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing is all about evolving and developing a brand 's identity and personality. Branding is the representation and communication of a product or service. Brand Managers get the opportunity to collaborate with a huge variety of people across an extensive range of disciplines including advertising, sponsorship, market research and creative design (and it doesn’t stop there.)  

Top objectives of brand marketing:

  • Creating and protecting a brand image 
  • Inspiring and encouraging buyers to purchase a product
  • Developing and retaining new and existing customer loyalty
  • Provoking an emotional reaction with the customer
  • Enhancing brand credibility in what can sometimes be a highly competitive marketplace


What is channel marketing?

Channel marketing is the process of moving a product through a chain of commerce to the end customer. When a business is searching for new channels of distribution, they rely on a channel marketer to help devise and execute a strategy for this. 

Top objectives of channel marketing:

  • Identifying, securing and maintaining relationships along the chain of commerce
  • Building a defined B2B marketing strategy
  • Managing channel partnerships
  • Negotiating and evaluating new and existing contracts 


What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is process of selling a product or service, you guessed it, directly. Types of direct marketing include brochures, catalogues, flyers, newsletters, postcards, coupons, emails and targeted online display ads.

Top objectives of direct marketing:

  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns across specified direct marketing channels 
  • Responsible for customer acquisition, conversion and engagement
  • Promoting products and services to increase sales
  • Devising direct marketing initiatives and ensuring the smooth running of all campaigns


What is product marketing?

This is the process of a bringing a product to market and it’s one of the few marketing disciplines that touches all aspects of sales, marketing and product. Product marketing is all about knowing the customer and figuring out what makes them tick.

Top objectives of product marketing:

  • Defining the scope of the product line
  • Identifying prospective markets for a product
  • Determining optimal pricing for the market
  • Understanding the customer and conducting continual research to fully understand the target audience for each individual product or service


What is shopper marketing?

Shopper marketing involves understanding how the customer behaves across various channels and formats. Shopper marketers leverage insights with the aim of appealing to the shopper at the point of purchase.

Top objectives of shopper marketing:

  • Understanding customer purchasing behaviours and using insight to implement effective point-of-sale initiatives
  • Bringing brands to life within the retail environment
  • Developing an understanding of the connection between the brand portfolio and the shopper
  • Devising and translating marketing strategy into tailored, compelling activities at POS



So there you have it, just a few marketing disciplines to feed your curiosity. Want to find out more? Let us know and we’ll be happy to bring you more articles just like this one!

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