13 Ways To Increase Your Popularity In The Office


You don't have to be best friends with everyone at work, but it can definitely help you maintain a better balance if you do have some trusty confidantes in the workplace. 


Share your food

People who share food are instantly deemed more favourable candidates for most situations. Sharing food can seem tough, but if you're trying to impress in your job, it could make or break you. Just think about it as the other person doing you a favour and taking on some of those calories for you! 




Because who doesn't like freshly baked goods? Bread, cakes and cookies are an office winner, especially during the cold, drab winter months. Even if you can't bake, everybody loves a trier. 




This is not difficult. Smiling requires no special skills or exception effort. It actually uses fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown, so if anything, be lazy and smile. That one little smile could make someone's day, you just never know.



Help out

Being helpful is a surefire way to make friends at work. In a marketing job, in particular, you benefit from being a helpful, supportive member of the team so it shouldn't be too hard for you to be helpful to your colleagues. 



Be the life and soul of the party 

If going out is your forte, suss out others who are similar and establish yourself on the company social scene.



Random acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness and generosity can go a very long way and you'll be memorable for a good reason. You don't have to go crazy. If a colleague is going through a tough time, buy them a little something and leave it on their desk (in a non-creepy way please.) You don't have to spend money to be kind either. Make someone a cuppa so that it's waiting for them when they get in. Flag their hard work to management.



Learn people's names

No one appreciates someone getting their name wrong. It's awkward. It's not ideal. If you're particularly bad at names, write them down as soon as you're introduced. It won't take you long and it will stand you in good stead internally, particularly with the more senior members of staff.



Decorate your desk

Let your personality shine. A couple of personal bits on your desk is sure to garner questions from your co-workers and can be a great conversation-starter. Allow people to get to know you a little and you'll get the same in return.



Join a club or society

Chances are, whatever club you join you're going to be surrounded by like-minded people. This is a great way to make friends at work with genuine, common interests. 



Say good morning

It's not difficult, is it? 



Chill out

If you come across as a highly-strung, stressful person, no one is going to want to sit with you at lunch. Stop sweating about the small stuff. No marketing job is perfect No job is perfect full-stop, but you don't need to spend all your time at work getting irate about it. A calming influence will attract your co-workers to you.



Talk in the lift

We know what you're thinking...AWKWARD. The lift is a breeding ground for uncomfortable moments, but why don't you make a bit of a joke out of it? It's better than standing in silence for the whole ride. 



Pay a few compliments every now and then

Who doesn't love a compliment though? SERIOUSLY.




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